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The Green Button makes it easy to recognise sustainable clothing.

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A conscious purchase decision

You are one of those people who want to know more about their textiles. And that's a good thing. Because with conscious and responsible purchasing decisions, you as a consumer can also support the change in the textile industry - so that the human rights of seamstresses are respected and the environment is protected. 

The government-run certification label Green Button shows which textiles come from responsible companies and have proven social and ecological production through recognized certification labels. Besides the possibility to pay attention to sustainability when buying new products, there are also a lot of tips that can help you to wear your clothes for a long time and to reinvent them again and again. We've compiled a few of them here.

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3 Years Green Button

On September 9, 2019, the Green Button was introduced for the first time. Even then, there were 27 pioneering companies that carried products with the government-run certification label. Three years later, there are already more than 90 companies that have a wide range of textile products tested: From fashion and accessories to outdoor clothing, workwear and home textiles.

The criteria are becoming stricter: the Green Button is constantly evolving to protect people and the environment - in perspective along the entire supply chain. In the summer of 2022, a further developed, even more demanding version of the seal was presented: the Green Button 2.0.

Just three years after its market launch, the certification label has reached a number of milestones: in addition to increasing awareness of the Green Button and a large volume of products sold, the certification label is also increasingly aligning itself internationally. The Green Button has been a registered trademark with the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) since March 2021. The Green Button has also arrived in sustainable procurement. Whether it's workwear for the railroads and police or the bed linen in large hotel chains and hospitals: More and more public institutions are opting for sustainable textiles with the Green Button.

Kleiderstange mit Gruener Knopf Textilien

The government-run certification label in numbers

3 years of the Green Button

What went over the counter

Since the introduction of the certification label, a total of over 260 million textiles have been sold with the Green Button.

> 90 companies

After three years on the market, over 90 companies have their sustainable textiles certified with the Green Button. 

The Green Button in the head

44% of respondents to a representative study by the market research institute GfK are familiar with the certification label. Among those interested in fashion, the figure is as high as 52%.

A sustainable decision

52% of those who know the certification label have already bought a Green Button certified textile. Among those interested in fashion, 64% already had the Green Button in their shopping cart.

Awareness in comparism

The Green Button is in its third year at number 4 among the best-known certification labels of approval for clothing.

Yes to the government-run certification label

89% of respondents think it is right for the federal government to use a gonverment-run certification label to check compliance with social and ecological standards in the textile industry.

Source: GfK, Survey 2022

Recognise sustainable textiles - find companies

Wondering where to find products with the Green Button? More than 90 companies already carry products in their range. All certified companies which offer Green Button products can be found here.

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