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The Green Button makes sustainably produced clothing easily recognisable.

Good choice - The Green Button

A conscious buying decision

You are one of the people who want to know more about the textiles they buy? That is a good thing because with conscious and responsible purchasing decisions, you as a consumer can support the change in the textile industry - so that the human rights of seamstresses and sewers are respected and the environment is protected. 

The government-run certification label Green Button shows you which textiles come from responsible companies and have been produced in compliance with social and environmental criteria - proven by recognised certifications. And this has been the case for more than 2 years.

2 years Green Button

Résumé and outlook

The Green Button was introduced on 9 September 2019. Even back then, 27 pioneering companies were involved. There are now about 80 companies that carry products with the government-run label. The range of textile articles with the Green Button is correspondingly large: from socks to shirts, from bed linen to tents, from lace-up shoes to backpacks, from chef's jackets to overalls.

In total, around 150 million products certified with the Green Button have been sold since 2019, which impressively demonstrates the success of the certification label. Public awareness and approval of the Green Button are also on the rise: according to a survey by the GfK Consumer Panels Fashion, 93 percent of respondents think it is right for the German government to use a certification label to assess compliance with social and environmental standards in the textile industry. 40 per cent of the respondents are aware of the label and 44 per cent of them have already bought at least one certified product.

The Green Button is constantly evolving to protect people and the environment even better - in perspective along the entire supply chain. In 2022, a further developed, even more ambitious version of the label will be presented: the Green Button 2.0.


Kleiderstange mit Gruener Knopf Textilien

The government-run textile label in figures

Résumé after two years of the Green Button


What consumers bought

In two years on the market, a total of about 150 million textiles labeled with the Green Button have been sold. 

Unternehmen (1)

78 companies

After two years on the market, 78 companies have already had their sustainably manufactured textiles certified with the Green Button. 

GK 2Jahre Bekanntheit

The Green Button in the mind

40% of those surveyed in a representative study by the market research institute GfK are familiar with the government-run label. Among those interested in fashion, the figure is as high as 44%.

GK 2Jahre Einkaufswagen

A sustainable decision

44% of those who know about the label have already bought a Green Button certified textile. Among those interested in fashion, 53% already had the Green Button in their shopping basket. 

GK 2Jahre Platz 4

Awareness in comparison

In its second year, the Green Button has risen from 5th to 4th place among the best-known certification labels for clothing.

GK 2Jahre Zustimmung

Yes to the government-run label

93% of those surveyed think it is right for the federal government to use a government-run certification label to assess conformity with social and environmental standards in the textile industry.

Source: GfK, survey 2021

Sustainable textiles - an overview is the first essential.

Here we provide you with basic information and further details on the audited companies and the certified products. We start with the most important information and constantly expand it as the Green Button continues to develop.

In addition to basic information on the respective company and its labelled products, you can view the date of the audit as well as the company's certificate. We also provide information on which recognised certification labels the company uses to demonstrate compliance with social and environmental criteria in textile production.

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